French War Memorial

French War Memorial

A 20-century construct built in 1971, the memorial is a tribute to the French soldiers who attained martyrdom in the First World War. To commemorate their memory, every year on Bastille Day, on the July 14, the memorial is illuminated and homage paid to these martyrs. This is a reminder of the strong ties that Pondicherry shares with France. The memorial is open to visitors throughout the day and this is another must-visit among tourist places in Pondicherry. A place dedicated to the soldiers who had attained the First World War. A tribute given to the soldiers. You should definitely visit the place in Pondicherry as it holds such a great importance.


-You can visit this place throughout the year but it will be good if you visit the place on 14th July as there is a memorial held.

-No entry fee is needed and you are welcomed 24 hours.

Visitor timings:  Throughout the day

Entry fees: Not needed

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